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Welcome back to school Education is a partnership between parents , students and staff . Each element of the partnership is vital . Coordination between home and school is vital if the students are to develop to achieve success . We look forward to working effectively together .

Latest News

The School' Tournament
on 11/10/2019
The School had a tournament On Wednesday 6th of November 2019 in football for the third year Secondary between the science and literary department . The team of the literary department won the match In the finals the team of the maths department played against the literary department and the team of maths department won the match . A match for volley ball between the science department and the literary department was played. The literary department won the match. A match between the students of third secondary and the teachers of the school was played and it ended in draw. Congratulation for all.       Read More>>>>

Hospital 57357
on 11/05/2019
In the field of social participation some students of Saint Fatima visited the hospital 57357 on Monday, the valentine's Day 4th of November , 2019 to make the sick children participate on this day and to entertain them. The students distributed some presents and toys for the children in the hospital. they shared them in some games and competitions They spent a happy time with them. The visit ended with promising the children to set out a party on the theatre of 57357 next month.        Read More>>>>

visited " El Nour school
on 11/05/2019
To ensure the spirit of cooperation and feeling for others, some students visited " El Nour school " for the blind in Dokki - Giza Governorate . In the field of social participation the students presented a number of competitions and games with the blind . They distributed presented , sweets for the winners in the competitions It was a happy time. The students got used to sharing others with special needs, They promised to visit them again.        Read More>>>>

The School honoured the brilliant students
on 11/05/2019
The School honoured the brilliant students for the Academic year 2018 - 2019 On Wednesday 16th of October , 2019 for the 6th primary and the 1st prep. On Wednesday 30th of October for the brilliant students in 2nd and 3rd Prep. On Wednesday 6th of November, 2019 for the brilliant students of 2nd Secondary. The parents attend. Mrs. Suzan Fawzy the principal of the school handed them certificates od honouring and medals for their excellence and they wore costumes of honouring on the tunes of the song , " Wehiat Kalbi " . All the attendees clapped with the parents and the teachers . with our best wishes for all students to be always excellent and successful.        Read More>>>>

Prophet's Mohamed blessed Birth
on 11/04/2019
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Celebration of the 6th of October
on 10/18/2019

During the celebration of the 6th of October , the school of Saint Fatima took part with the executive affairs of Directorate of the Ministry of Education in Cairo and the Spiritual Affairs of the Armed Forces to setup a panorama of the 6th of October The physical Education Department presentented athletic parades about the country's martyrs. The theatre Department in the school present an ' operate ' The speech has finished which embodied the wars which Egypt has faced through all ages.

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