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A day in the love of Egypt

Saint Fatima language School. Abbassia set up a day in the love of Egypt on the Occasion of the celebrations of the 6th of October on Monday 14th of October the school broadcast presented very useful information about the war of 1973 , how it started and how it was planned for. There was a competition for the students in general information about the names of the heroes and the one who did the first air strike. Many students won prizes for their participation in the competition The physical Education presented beautiful athletic parades on the tuned of the national songs which made both the students and the teachers enthusiastic. The music team presented songs in the love of Egypt. All the attendance reacted with the song waving the flag of Egypt and saying in a love voice long live Egypt long live Egypt long live Egypt . Mr. Magdy Youssef the teacher of social studies gave an extract about love of one's country , Loyalty and sacrifice for the country to make our beloved Egypt high.

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