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Honored School Scout team

S.F.L.S. had the honour to receive a committee from Cairo Educational Directorate to evaluate the School Scout Team performance , the judging committee has been composed of the following scout leaders :
1- S.L. : Walid Abdel - Fattah
2- S.L. : Mohamed Sherif Al-Sayed
3- S.L. : Tarek Sabry
the committee has been received by Mrs. Suzan Fawzy, the School Principal and General Leader of the School Scout team, and Mr. Mohamed Mostafa Ashour, a P.E Supervisor of Misr El-Gedida Educational Directorate. Honourably , the School Scout team has made picturesque shows including ( the Scout anthem, officially saluting the flag , setting up Camp tents , a tower , a worshipping place, a fence, clothes dryer and a gate as well as making special ties. the judging committee has greatly approved such unique performance . we're waiting for the evaluation final result.

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